Horace and his Friends

Written and illustrated by Meredydd Moores

Horace the baby hedgehog and his mum Annie are happy in their snug little home. But Mr Ham, the farmer, wants to clear it away. So Horace’s friends come to the rescue.

A charmingly illustrated book for young children.

Meredydd Moores was born in Wales on a farm on the edge of Snowdonia. His father, a Lancashire businessman, took the family back to England and Meredydd grew up in Southport, an old-fashioned seaside resort. He went to the City and Guilds Art School in Kennington, London, and then worked at the British Museum as an archaeological illustrator. Apart from drawing and painting, he enjoys carpentry and leather-working.

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Title: Horace and his Friends · Author: Meredydd Moores · Publisher: Orphean Press · ISBN: 978‑0‑9545094‑8‑4 · Size: 28pp, 296 mm × 222 mm · RRP: £8.99 · All images © Meredydd Moores